Be Careful when you bring it on

A few of the stories you have heard is true. There was the human who brought a sex toy video on a flight to Republic of Turkey, and while asked what it was replied that them was a bomb. And on that point have been multiplex cases where women have been brought off of planes because their luggage was buzzing. So it gets sense to think before being on an airplane with your favorite vibrator or sex toy. But it does not mean you could not travel with them. Here is some basic tips from my more than ten years of frequent traveling with vibrators.

1. All of the time take out the batteries. Whenever your toy sex is a powered vibrator, take the batteries out! Do not just flip over them over or take for granted the switch will stay in the off mode, just take the batteries right out so there's no chance of it commoving. If you’ve got a rechargeable vibrator, only travel with one that's a safety catch position. Most of the good superior rechargeable vibrators (like those built by LELO and Jimmyjane) come with safety bolt*. Know however to use it, and test it out before you get at the airport.

2. Once possible bring female sex toys as preserve. This won’t work if you’ve got a large metal dildo, and I wouldn’t recommended it for BDSM toys like floggers, crops, or anything spiky that security might interpret as a weapon. But for almost battery operated and pocket-size rechargeable vibrators, be careful! is the easiest way to get a sex toy through. Course it means you've to be willing to state them the truth if they ask what it's, but I find that security are usually more abashed than you are (they’re kind of like bears that way) and at the least you will be able to clear up any confusion then and there. Writer David Saul Steinberg share's his experience carrying a female sex toys on a Mexico to San Francisco flight.


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