Pizza East Portobello

Restaurant review: Pizza East Portobello, outpost of the successful Pizza East in Shoreditch, has been embraced with something approaching fervour by the yummy mummies of Notting Hill.

Pizza East Portobello Portobello road Pizza East Portobello is way better than the high-street chains
Down at the end of Portobello Road that remains relatively untouched by the Oxford Street tackiness that’s happening further up, the place is rammed with leggy blondes toting Bugaboos and toying with tomato salads.
While my chums and I wade into starters and a pizza each – the greed – we watch three people on a nearby table carefully cut one to share among them. This, clearly, is why I’ll never be thin.

El Cantara appears to have evaded the consciousness of Soho's regulars

Restaurant review: El Cantara might work as plan B if you can't score a table at Koya, Barrafina or Polpo.

Interior of El Cantara restaurant, a Moroccan paradise with a hint of Spanish influences El Cantara is a Moroccan paradise with a hint of Spanish influence. There are two good reasons to head for El Cantara. One: the secret roof terrace where you can eat, drink or puff on a shisha.
It’s at the top of a sprawling, elaborately decorated townhouse that seems to go on forever, from basement bar to roof under the stars. Recently reinvented after a fire, this curious hybrid appears to have evaded the consciousness of Soho’s regulars.
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