Henry's Anytime Chili For One

Give a man chili and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to make chili and he'll be sad forever. At least, that's our takeaway from this recipe for "Henry's Anytime Chili For One."

Nevertheless, "Henry's Kitchen" may be our new favorite cooking show. First of all, we dig small serving recipes. Second, any cooking show that takes into account the fact that you might not own a good knife -- or know what mincing is -- speaks to us. Finally, there's Henry himself; awkward, sad, befuddled Henry. With the middle-distance stare of a man who has been chewed up, blown into a bubble and popped by life, Henry takes us through the step-by-incorrect-step process of chili making, only to find himself eating peanuts at the end.

But that's ok. It's about the journey, people.


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